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Few things are more disruptive to the course of one’s life than back pain. Loanne B. Tran, MD, MPH offers patients in and around Arcadia, California a number of different back pain relief options, in an effort to get them back on their feet and back to optimal health.

Back Pain Relief Q & A

What are the primary causes of back pain?

There are a number of causes for back pain, and getting to the bottom of the underlying issues is crucial to finding lasting relief. In some cases, a physiological problem is to blame, such as damaged discs, joints or nerves along the spine. In other cases, muscle strain is to blame for persistent back pain. Traumatic injury is also a common cause of back pain, and can drastically change the course of an individual’s life. No matter what is behind persistent back pain, there is a treatment plan that can assist patients in regaining maximum function.

What role do prescription medications play in treating back pain?

The use of prescription medication to address back pain is highly controversial. While pain medications can go a great way toward reducing the pain and discomfort of back trauma or degenerative conditions, it is undeniable that some of those medications are highly addictive. For some patients, pain medication plays an important role in allowing them to endure rehabilitation efforts, diagnostic efforts and post-surgical healing. However, every effort is made to use medications to address acute pain on a short-term basis, while placing the focus on finding lasting relief through other measures.

Are spinal injections effective in relieving back pain?

Spinal injections can provide relief from back pain in some circumstances. These injections work by delivering a steroid solution directly into the area of the back where the pain originates. The powerful anti-inflammatory properties of the steroid medication can reduce swelling in the joints of the back, which can have an almost immediate effect in reducing pain. It should be noted that spinal injections also play an important role in diagnosing the causes of back pain, due to the fact that the physician is able to “test” different areas of the back to find out which one responds to the introduction of steroids. Spinal injections can also help patients endure the early stages of rehabilitation or physical therapy.

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