Family Medicine Specialist

Loanne B. Tran, MD, MPH

Internal Medicine & Pediatrics located in Arcadia, CA

Loanne B. Tran, MD, MPH offers family medicine services to patients in Arcadia, California and the surrounding communities. Many of her patients initially come to her as individuals but then bring their spouses, parents, and children to her practice in order to receive the same professional service and compassionate care.

Family Medicine Q & A

What is family medicine?

In decades past, families routinely sought care from the same physician. In today’s society, medicine has become incredibly complex and specialized. While there are undeniable benefits to having access to so many specialists, there is a benefit that comes with obtaining primary care for the entire family from one trusted source. Family medicine practitioners are trained in many different aspects of healthcare and can serve the needs of family members from birth through old age. Furthermore, family medicine encompasses the role that each person plays within his or her family into the care approach. Practitioners also integrate community health into the treatment of families, giving patients access to wider treatment and wellness resources.

What types of medical services are available under family medicine?

Patients have access to a wide range of medical services and treatment options while under the care of a family medicine doctor. Routine physical exams and screenings are important in keeping the family healthy. If a health issue arises, the practitioner is able to chart a customized treatment plan to address each patient’s particular set of needs. Services include pediatric care, women’s health, disease treatment and management, ongoing wellness education and modification, nutrition and dietary advice and support and geriatric care, to name a few. In short, family medicine is aimed at providing lifelong medical care to all members of the family.

What happens if a condition arises that requires specialized treatment?

In the case of a serious condition that requires the services of a specialist, the family care practitioner is able to refer the patient to a specialist who is best suited to address that particular need. Family medicine care does not stop once a specialist is involved, however. The family medicine provider will simply work in conjunction with the specialist to ensure that the full scope of the patient’s needs is being addressed. Once the issue has been dealt with, follow-up treatment and care can continue at the family medicine level.

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