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Loanne B. Tran, MD, MPH

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One of the most enjoyable aspects of medicine for Loanne B. Tran, MD, MPH is providing care to her youngest patients. Pediatrics is an incredibly rewarding pursuit, and Loanne B. Tran, MD, MPH is happy to serve the needs of children in Arcadia and the surrounding communities.

Pediatrics Q & A

Why is it important to develop a relationship with a pediatric physician?

When an individual of any age needs medical care, having a comprehensive medical record is an incredibly powerful tool that can help practitioners direct the course of treatment. Finding a great pediatrician and building a relationship with that individual will lead to a medical record that is cohesive, complete and easily accessible. Over the years, physicians accumulate a great deal of medical information and data about their patients. Having access to the full scope of that information is critical to creating a customized treatment plan if a medical issue should arise. In addition, children who grow up with positive experiences in the pediatrician’s office are more likely to have a good overall impression of health care, which could translate into seeking assessments and screenings as adults.

What types of screenings are done during routine childhood physicals?

From the time of birth through puberty, a pediatric physician will track the growth and development of a child. This means making sure that infants are growing and thriving at the proper rate, and that they are getting the proper vaccinations at the right times. Physicals also include assessments of a child’s bodily functions, such as heartbeat, blood pressure, breathing, and reflexes. Many different medical concerns can be diagnosed by way of a comprehensive physical exam, and a course of treatment can be created to address any set of needs.

Aside from regular physicals, what other types of care are available?

Every parent hopes that their child will move through the early years without any serious medical issues. However, there are cases in which a young person develops a serious disease that requires specialized attention. A primary care physician is often the first to diagnose such a condition and can help the family determine their next steps. Loanne B. Tran, MD, MPH has developed extensive professional connections in the Arcadia, California area, and can refer patients to specialists as needed, as well as provide follow-up care.

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