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The foundation of good health care is getting regular physical exams. Loanne B. Tran, MD, MPH strives to make a routine physical exam a positive aspect of each patient’s care. Working in partnership with one’s primary care physician is the best way for Arcadia, California residents to achieve and maintain good health.

Physical Exam Q & A

What is the importance of a physical exam?

Routine medical screening appointments are rarely something that patients look forward to, and many people who are in good health feel that they are unnecessary. It is important to approach the subject from a wider perspective, however, and to think about how physical exams play a role in an individual’s long-term health. A physical exam, which is also called a preventive care exam, is the primary means by which physicians gather information and data about a patient’s health. Over the course of time, this data builds a comprehensive medical record, allowing the practitioner to track health changes. That can make a world of difference in how treatment plans are designed when a medical issue arises. Through a preventive care exam and routine health screenings, your doctor can determine your current health status and detect early warning signs of more serious problems.

How often should patients come in for a physical exam?

There is no set answer to this question, as each person has a specific set of needs when it comes to health matters. For an individual in good health, screenings can take place with longer intervals than a patient with ongoing health issues. Age also plays a role in determining the length of time between physicals. Children require an annual exam, and elderly patients also need to come in more frequently than they did in decades past. Each patient should work with his or her physician to determine the proper timing for health exams and screenings.

What happens when a patient has medical issues that cannot be treated in primary care?

One of the most important reasons to have a physical exam is so that one’s primary care physician can check for signs of disease. Obtaining a diagnosis is the first step in treating many serious health matters, and early detection can greatly improve the patient’s prospects for recovery. In some cases, patients require specialized care or additional testing that cannot be obtained in the primary care setting. This is where having a longstanding relationship with a primary care physician can be of great benefit. Dr. Tran has established professional connections with specialists in many areas of practice, and can refer patients to a provider who is a good match for their needs.

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