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High blood pressure can lead to a number of serious health concerns. Loanne B. Tran, MD, MPH offers various high blood pressure treatment options for patients in and around Arcadia, California who have hypertension. She emphasizes the need and benefits of getting blood pressures back under control.

High Blood Pressure Treatment Q & A

What exactly is high blood pressure?

The human body depends on a steady flow of blood throughout the circulatory system. The heart serves to pump that blood into the arteries, which places a degree of force against the walls of those blood vessels. The measurement of that force is referred to as blood pressure. Medical professionals use several different tools to measure blood pressure, both while the heart is beating and during the intervals between each beat. Those numbers are used to determine if a patient’s blood pressure falls within the normal, high or low scale. As people move from infancy into adulthood and the elder years, their “normal” blood pressure levels will change.

Why is high blood pressure a problem, and how is it caused?

When blood pressure is elevated, the heart has to work harder to move blood through the body. That places stress on the walls of arteries and smaller blood vessels, which can weaken them and increase the risk of rupture. That leads to a higher risk of stroke, heart attack and aneurysm, among other health complications. Blood pressure can become elevated due to smoking, failing to maintain a healthy weight, taking in too much sodium or too little potassium, failing to be physically active, and certain medical conditions. Blood pressure also rises as people age, and certain ethnic groups have higher rates of high blood pressure.

What treatment options are available for high blood pressure?

Fortunately, there are a number of different treatments available for high blood pressure. Medications can help patients get their blood pressure under control and maintain good numbers. However, these medications must be properly administered in the optimal doses in order to be effective. Many patients also benefit from a medically-directed diet and exercise plan, which can go a long way toward reaching optimal health. The most effective treatment plans for high blood pressure make use of a partnership between the patient and the doctor, who provides education, guidance, and lifestyle modification efforts.

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